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Hallo! My name is Owel and I love to cosplay and hang out with friends. :D I love to play video games, draw, sew, paint, paper mache, and write fanfiction! I also take in the pleasures of reading fanfiction. I hope you enjoy this site!


If we share OTPs then we share a fucking soul.

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Anonymous: ❝Hi Neal! I love the Unwind dystology, and I've been wondering about something. Have you included/do you have plans to include or reveal LGBT characters in Undivided? I'm asking because as an LGBT youth, I love reading stories and novels that include people like me and my friends. (We generally don't get a lot of representation in young adult fiction except in niche genres!) Thanks even if you just look at this question, and I'm looking forward to reading Undivided! :)


CyFi’s fathers are gay, and Hayden may or may not be. As a character, he has chosen not to tell me, and I respect that choice. For a while I thought Bam was lesbian, until I realized she had fallen in love with Starkey. There’s also a character in Ship Out of Luck, although I won’t say which character it is, you have to read it. The Star Shard Chronicles has the character of Drew, who has a very interesting journey with regards to his sexuality — and of course there’s Okoya, who is completely androgynous. When I introduce LGBT characters, I try not to make it an “issue.” I try to make it just a normal part of life. Which it is.

My car Cam

So I named my car Camus Comprix…because it has a seat and everything else from different parts of cars from the junk yard. It may look weird and ugly to others, but to me it looks beautiful. Therefore, I named my car Camus Comprix. ^-^


good fan fics that not enough people read 


not so good fan fics that have millions of read and 100 fan trailers, ship tag, fic tag, manips, fan accounts…


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